03 Oct 2020



Our AGM this year will be held online via zoom. 

The meeting is open to all members,

Please advise IAHD by e-mailing healthdowsers@fastmail.fm of your intention to attend and you will be sent an invite.

14 Jun 2019

10am - 4:30pm

Dowsing for Health and Energy

This is a joint event run by IAHD and the Association of Energy Therapists (AET)

Learn how to use a variety of natural energy sources to help improve health -

Including dowsing as a means of finding sources of health problems, checking results and treatment techniques from Japan and India.

28 Sep 2019



Our AGM this year will be at the Runnymede Hotel, Egham. 

The meeting is open to all members, but they should advise IAHD at healthdowsers@fastmail.fm of their intention to attend.

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