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David in the Spotlight

Chakras .... the nearest you will get to an apology!

Saturday 18th November 2023 11am (Zoom)

Kay in the Spotlight …

The Healing Power of Sound

Saturday 16th December 2023 11am (Zoom)


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Previous Events you may have missed ….

2023 AGM

21st October 2023  (Zoom)


Spotlight on ...

Ultra-Processed People 

September 2023 (Zoom)

Bryony in the Spotlight …

Folklore Myths and Legends. 

July 2023 (Zoom)

Members - Chat & Share

May 2023 (Zoom)

Avril in the Spotlight …

Dowsing for Spring

March 2023 (Zoom)

David in the Spotlight …

Energy Viewing

December 2022 (Zoom)

Geoff in the Spotlight …

“What am I Allowed to Say?”

November 2022 (Zoom)

2022 AGM

8th October 2022 (Zoom)

Caroline in the Spotlight …


July 2022 – (Zoom)

Avril in the Spotlight …

Sanjeevini Healing

March 2022 – (Zoom)

Sheila in the Spotlight …


February 2022 (Zoom)

Anne in the Spotlight …

A Nutritional Inheritance

January 2022 (Zoom)

Emma in the Spotlight …

Integrated Therapies

November 2021 (Zoom)

​ 2021 AGM

16th October 2021 (Zoom)

Lotus in the Spotlight …

The Ultimate Key to Happiness

August 2021 (Zoom)

Anne in the Spotlight …

Dowsing & Homeotherapy

July 2021 (Zoom)

John in the Spotlight …

Tales of Dowsing Abroad

June 2021 (Zoom)

Paul in the Spotlight …

Personal Meditation

April 2021 (Zoom)

Barbara in the Spotlight …


March 2021 (Zoom)

David in the Spotlight …

Energy Viewing

February 2021 (Zoom)

Avril in the Spotlight …

Dowsing and Dairy Intolerance

January 2021

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