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Whether you call it dowsing, divining or witching (as it is sometimes called in America ) dowsing is a very useful and easily learnt skill. Whether you use a pendulum, L or angle rods, V-rod, bobber or aurameter there is something here for you.


Amongst dowsings many uses are:-



  • Dowsing for everyday use – shopping, choosing a car, finding your way, searching for lost items etc.

  • Finding water – for drinking, for your new garden pond, irrigation, etc

  • Dowsing for history – historical research, finding the actual sites of a happening.

  • Dowsing for archaeological remains – locate hidden old buildings, wells etc.

  • Dowsing for health – finding where health problems lay, selecting appropriate over the counter remedies for such things as headaches, colds etc.

  • Dowsing for gardeners – selecting the right fertiliser for your garden, selecting the right plants that will grow in your garden, selecting the right place for your plants to grow in your garden etc.

  • Dowsing for business – help in selecting staff from e.g. copiers, computers etc.short lists, choosing the right conference centre or meeting place for you, helping with decision making, the right office equipment 

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