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One thing that anyone taking one of Keith’s dowsing workshops will not suffer from is boredom.  

These workshops are very much hands-on orientated.

Such comments as - 

'a most enjoyable and educational day,’

‘It was interesting to see how quickly dowsing novices were able to get tangible results.’

‘very much enjoyed the course –it was excellent.’ Excellent course – would like to do more’


are typical of the many comments on the feedback sheets from participants

Courses have taken place in a wide variety of venues and have included halls, hotels, a private Elizabethan house, an environmental centre, a university etc.

Private workshop parties can be arranged for parties of at least 10 people.   


Just provide a venue and then tell me how many people there will be, how long you want the workshop for i.e. one day, two days etc.  

As a qualified teacher and a registered dowsing tutor of the British Society of Dowsers, (BSD) the workshop will be based on their curriculum.

Alternatively, join one of the workshops that I organise from time to time.  Sign up for the Newsletter and see the details of the next workshop.


If you want to arrange a private dowsing workshop please state the theme required:-

  • An introduction to dowsing

  • Dowsing for health

  • Dowsing for history and archaeology

  • Dowsing for business


All courses apart from the introductory course will include a short period on how to dowse but it is preferable to have undertaken the introductory course first. 

The introductory course can be orientated towards the above interests.

The workshops can be over one or two days according to the depth needed.

If you arrange speakers for your organisation then please contact Keith

+44 (0) 208 7510417 or Email

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