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A miscellany of news and articles of interest to dowsers


When watching episodes of “Star Trek” I am always fascinated by the treatment of accident victims sent to the sick bay. There, the unfortunates are treated by an array of technologies which balance their energy which restores their health.


On a recent visit to Nevada City, California, I attended a seminar which revealed a system which could well have come straight from the “Voyager’s” sick bay. This amazing system is called Inergetix–CoRe™.

Basically this is a computer system using software developed by Kiran Schmidt.  The drive behind this system works at an informational level to produce answers to help clients to regain their health.

Whether you are obtaining information by scanning a person’s body with your hands or just typing in words, it is an energetically charged form of information gathering.

Anyone familiar with the work of Dr.Emoto who printed the words “love” and “hate” on labels and then stuck them on bottles of water, will know the results he achieved when he froze the water and looked at the crystals.  The water with “hate” on the label had crystals with jagged edges and the water with “love” on the label had beautifully formed crystals.

Inergetix, Inc. has taken the view that information is a holographic form. This means that because each fragment of information is a hologram it provides us with a complete picture of the entire hologram. The Inergetix System is able analyse a sample of the individual’s information which then provides information about the whole body.

One could perhaps compare this holographic analogy to other therapy forms such as auricular acupuncture, reflexology or iridology where the state of the body is derived from the ear, foot or eye alone.

By typing in the name of the client, the date of birth, birthplace, and other available information this holographic information can reveal details of the whole body.

Once the information is analysed, the software can show ways in which clients can be helped by revealing many therapy modalities be it crystal therapy, homeopathy, flower remedies etc. including making recommendations for use of the best in these fields. e.g. Amethyst from the crystal therapy list.

As you know, once you have the information you still need to treat the client.

You may want to carry out your own form of therapy treatment to overcome the health problem and on the other hand, you could let the software on the computer do it for you by broadcasting the remedies to the client. 

This balancing of the client with the system can also be done by broadcasting remedies informationally or by using handgrips or through a footplate which carry frequencies through the client’s body.  Some additional methods for balancing are:  imprinting water or some attractive gold or silver special wristbands with the same suggested therapy resonance; using the sound of the frequencies; or by the use of a plasma generator which uses light and colour. You could also be sent the information of the analysis as well as the information of the frequencies without even being attached in any way to the system, as the system can operate in a similar way to distant healing methods.

Those gathered at the seminar were treated to a view of the many new attachments to the system which included colour therapy using Aurora Soma techniques and the new Plasma colour therapy and lighttherapy system.


This all sounds wonderful but where does dowsing come into it?  Although dowsing only plays a small part, it nevertheless comes in useful.

In some areas of the system there is a need to enter the number of minutes that treatment needs to be carried out.  In other areas a recommended time of treatment is given, but again dowsing could be used here to find the length of time needed.  In these cases I use my pendulum to find out the time that is required.

There are other areas where dowsing can be used. Dowsing can cut down the time required for making a selection.  This could be done in the Inergetix area where there are many anatomical labels with drop-down menus for balancing different parts of the body.


Once you have dowsed for and opened the selected section, e.g. the cardiovascular area, you need to enter a time to broadcast the treatment. This is again where I have used my pendulum.

Once you press the Start key the system broadcasts to and informationally balances the body of the person who is in need of the treatment. After the treatments, clients have often told me they feel better and even feel more energetic.


Broadcasting is the term used to describe the procedure of sending the balancing information to the client and in this case, it is the client who is the receiver, ( rather like a radio receiver ) of the information and whose energy levels are being balanced.  ..

You can read more about the theory behind this by looking at the PEAR study done by Princeton University over a 26-year period of time. - Princeton University ’s PEAR Study.

Once you start using the system it is absolutely amazing what it can reveal.  As an example of this on one occasion when my wife had gone to bed. I was practising with the system and entered my wife’s name and a few more details.  This small amount of information revealed that an area of concern was insulin.

Knowing my wife is sometimes forgetful about taking her insulin I woke her and asked if she had taken her insulin and she told me she had forgotten to take it.  The system averted what could have been an unpleasant situation!

As a further sign of excellence, Inergetix, Inc. has affiliated to the British Complementary Medicine Association and the Association of Energy Therapists which means that the company has passed an inspection by one of the association inspectors.

In case you are wondering if I am receiving large sums of money (or even small amounts) to say how great this system is I can assure you I am not.  However, I am singing its praises because it is a system which produces wonderful results. 


As a therapist, I want to pass on any information which you can use to benefit others.  This is a very user-friendly system which can be used as a stand-alone system or as a means of obtaining further information about your client to use in conjunction with your own therapy.

I was very impressed with the system especially as I was used as the demonstration model in California, and so I know how it is to be analysed and balanced with the system.

I am now working with the system myself and so if anyone wants to have more information about the system you can contact me.  However, I think you would get better answers from Ann Nielsen at or look at the website at .


Keith Harmon.

Just Divine

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