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Keith spends a lot of his time traveling around giving dowsing talks and workshops as well as helping people find water or more bizarrely dowsing to find out which chicken or chickens will lay the most eggs as well as helping businesses get an edge on their rivals by adding a perhaps unusual but extremely useful and positive decision-making tool to their skills. 


The entertaining talks introduce dowsing to a wide variety of audiences from organisations to universities.

Not content with just talking to his audience, dowsing rods are handed out to the audience so that they can try dowsing for themselves perhaps over the venues own hidden streams or over “two rivers” that are brought along.

Keith is a registered dowsing tutor of the British Society of Dowsers (BSD) and the Vice Chairman of the BSD’s Health and Healing Group.  

If you arrange speakers for your organisation

then please contact Keith

+44 (0) 208 7510417 or Email

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