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Keith Harmon

Keith Harmon has been interested in dowsing for over 30 years but only started seriously getting into dowsing over the past six years.


In that time he has written two booklets on dowsing, “Happiness is Dowsing” and “Dowsing for Health.” and is currently writing one on dowsing for business and one of dowsing for gardeners.


His dowsing activities have taken him to many parts of the country finding water for clients, discovering archaeological remains, giving dowsing talks and leading dowsing workshops, from introductory dowsing to health, to businesses and other themed dowsing courses.


His talks have been acclaimed as being more than just a talk but equally an entertainment.

He is a registered dowsing tutor and Council member of the British Society of Dowsers and Chairman of the BSD's health and healing Special Interest Group.


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